"Your smile is our passion: s-sdental in Prague, where the care for your improved smile begins!"

Welcome to S-sdental Clinic

Welcome to s-sdental, your dental clinic in the heart of Prague! We pride ourselves on creating smiles that bring joy and confidence to our patients. Our highly trained medical staff ensures care and comfort in every procedure. Modern technologies and a personalized approach will help you achieve ideal oral health. Welcome to s-sdental, where your smile is our main goal!


Our History

s-sdental is the result of a long journey of dedication to caring for the health of our patients. Our story began more than ten years ago, when a group of doctors and dentists with a common mission came together to create a unique medical space in the heart of Prague.

From the very beginning, we have strived for high standards of service and used cutting-edge technology to achieve optimal results. Our team of doctors has been carefully selected to ensure that every patient receives the best medical attention.

Over the years, we have expanded our services, introducing new treatment methods and modern equipment. The reputation of s-sdental has become synonymous with quality dentistry and an individual approach.

Our success lies in the smiles of our satisfied patients. We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable environment and helping people gain confidence in their smile. s-sdental has a history of continuous development and dedication to providing our patients with outstanding healthcare services.

100 clients per day

Our Works


Our Doctors

Join our medical family at S-sdental, where a team of outstanding physicians works for your improved oral health."

Dr. Eva specializes in professional teeth cleaning and periodontitis treatment. Its high standards of hygienic service guarantee caring treatment and quality treatment.

Dr. Eva Schultz Hygienist

Dr. Lucas is highly qualified in the field of orthodontics, with experience in introducing modern methods of bite correction. He constantly updates his knowledge to provide.

Dr. Lucas Schmidt Orthodontics

Dr. Mariya is an outstanding specialist in the field of surgery and implant placement. His high qualifications ensure safe and effective surgical interventions. She successfully treats.

Dr. Mariya Fernandez Surgery and implantology


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