Our Equipment

Digital X-ray

We use high-precision digital x-ray diagnostic systems, providing precise images for detailed analysis of the condition of teeth and tissues.

Intraoral Camera

Modern intraoral cameras allow doctors to conduct more detailed examinations of the oral cavity and discuss the results with patients in real time.

3D Scanners

To accurately plan surgical interventions and orthodontic treatment, we use 3D scanners that provide three-dimensional images of oral structures.

Laser Therapy

Lasers are used for a variety of procedures, including periodontal treatment, surgery, and aesthetic gum correction.


Our Advantages

Innovative technologies

We constantly introduce advanced dental technologies and use modern equipment for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Hygienist Team

Our highly trained hygienists care about the health of your gums by providing professional cleaning and periodontal treatment services.

Comfort and Safety

Our clinic is designed with your comfort in mind. We provide a safe and relaxing environment to ensure your dental visit is as pleasant as possible.

100 clients per day

Our Doctors

Dr. Eva specializes in professional teeth cleaning and periodontitis treatment. Its high standards of hygienic service guarantee caring treatment and quality treatment.

Dr. Eva Schultz

Dr. Lucas is highly qualified in the field of orthodontics, with experience in introducing modern methods of bite correction. He constantly updates his knowledge to provide.

Dr. Lucas Schmidt

Dr. Mariya is an outstanding specialist in the field of surgery and implant placement. His high qualifications ensure safe and effective surgical interventions. She successfully treats.

Dr. Mariya Fernandez
Surgery and implantology